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Are you a developer or architect struggling with the intricacies of highway design and local authority compliance, particularly in dealing with Section 38 and 278 agreements? Do you frequently encounter substandard highway designs that hinder the adoptability of your projects, consuming your time, resources, and budget while jeopardising project progress? If these challenges sound familiar, we empathise with the complex negotiations, legal requirements, and coordination involved in the collaboration between developers and local authorities.

30 Years of Expertise: Navigating Challenges for Local Authority Success

With over 30 years of experience supporting local authorities, our mission is to assist you in navigating these hurdles. Reach out to discover how we can help streamline the process and ensure the success of your construction project!

Highway Design Optimisation and Streamlined Approvals: Overcoming Section 38 and 278 Challenges

Section 38 and 278 requirement – The proposed highway network within the housing development is not designed to a comprehensive standard to enable swift approval from the governing local authority.

Delays in achieving council asset status.

Complications in obtaining planning consent lead to additional costs and resource constraints.

Suppose the design is not at an adoptable standard. In that case, this becomes your liability for the maintenance of the highway network, resulting in maintenance costs and a strain on resources i.e. drainage cleansing, street lighting maintenance, traffic signal maintenance, general highway maintenance, etc.

Risk of local authority suspending the development until Section 38 and 278 approvals are granted.

Strained relations between the local authority and the housing developer/designer due to frequent design revisions.

Lack of communication between local authorities and housing developers/designers.

Shortage of skilled resources for the project.

Lack of understanding of the project and the brief set out within the section 38 and 278 process.

Inadequate understanding of the project’s intricacies and the Section 38 and 278 process.

Highly skilled team of engineers who are fully rehearsed and aware of the requirements of local authorities due to the experience of working within a local authority environment.

Ensuring all highway designs meet the local authorities’ adoptable standards with minimal need for revisions.

Implementing a streamlined approach to expedite the Section 38 and 278 approval processes.

Delivering substantial cost savings by reducing the back-and-forth between the authority and the housing developer.

Achieving significant time savings to advance construction, occupancy, and overall project profitability.

Highway Design of Fir Tree Lane

Western Turning Head General Arrangement

Fir Tree Lane Turning Heads, One Horton Heath

We have recently completed the design and S278 process of 2 no. turning heads to facilitate the stopping up of Fir Tree Lane to allow for the construction of Road 3 as part of the wider One Horton Heath project.

The works consisted of developing the architect’s feasibility design which was previously undertaken and producing a detailed design suitable for construction. Due to the requirement of the turning heads needing to be adopted, Volos undertook the role of developing the S278 package and gaining approval from the local authority.

As part of this project, our engineers produced:

  • Detailed Design drawings for the S278 application.
  • Design Specification for the S278 application.
  • Construction issue drawings.
  • Signage Strategy for Fir Tree Lane stopping up.
  • Construction Cost Estimate.

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