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Volos understands the vital role the Accepted Programme plays in the administration of an NEC ECC Contract. eeziPM is a FREE and easy-to-use NEC resource for local authorities and private sector companies who manage NEC contracts.

To support colleagues throughout the sector, Volos developed, on an open-source basis, eeziPM, a free-to-use tool to assist the Project Manager when reviewing the clause 31 or 32 programme.

With 10 simple and easy-to-follow steps, the application provides the necessary framework for you to determine if your programme is in accordance with the NEC Clause 30 Time requirements. eeziPM is entirely free to use, there is nothing to download, install, or register, as eeziPM is a cloud-based resource.

To use, simply click through each step, enter the information about your project and EeziPM will do the rest, and will automatically produce a report for you at the end of the process.  After completing the online questionnaire, simply enter your email address, and a complete pdf report is instantly sent to you.

Save time, and be more efficient, and more effective by using eeZiPM, the easy way to NEC ECC compliance.

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This application is intended to assist you, the Project Manager in determining if the clause 31 or 32 programme is in accordance with the NEC Clause 30 Time requirements.

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