Volos Ident



Scheme Overview

Award-winning Active Travel project in Cardiff, to complement the new bus interchange

Scheme Project Management:

Ollie Marsh was Project Manager of the scheme when working at Cardiff Council, prior to co-founding Volos with Liam Shields. The scheme went on to win Civils Project of the Year at the Construction Excellence in Wales Awards 2023. It is currently shortlisted for the ICE Wales Cymru Civils Engineering Awards 2023 taking place on 22nd September 2023.

Ollie was responsible for the day-to-day running of the project, ensuring it was appropriately resourced, and managing the NEC4 ECC project manager. He ensured the scheme was delivered on time and to budget and project risk was managed through robust risk analysis and control measures.

Due to the size and complexity of the project, it was key for Ollie to recognise that specialist design disciplines were required, namely working with SAB drainage engineers and traffic signal designers. Ollie composed and compiled all tender and contract documentation for the procurement of all additional design services and managed a robust tender analysis ensuring value for money for the Client.

In total during the detailed design phase of the project, there were up to 5 design disciplines feeding into Ollie’s highway design.  Ollie managed all the design teams by setting key objectives with measurable targets to ensure milestones were being met in accordance with the delivery programme that he had developed. This ensured that the project commenced on-site within the Client’s aspirations.


Ollie was the lead designer for the project, his responsibilities included the development of the design stages outlined below:

  • Feasibility
  • Concept
  • Detailed

The key features of the project were:

  • The creation of stepped cycle lanes throughout the Central Square area to connect existing and future cycle network development projects throughout Cardiff
  • Improving pedestrian facilities throughout the Central Square area to promote safety and create an enhanced pedestrian environment
  • Installation of traffic calming features along Wood Street to connect and ensure continuity for pedestrians from the central train station to the new development area
  • Upgrading the existing drainage system in the Central Square area to be compliant with new SuDS legislation by installing specialised rain gardens and tree pits to manage surface water
  • Major carriageway junction improvements
  • Public realm improvements
  • Full carriageway reconstruction works, including carriageway stabilisation.

As lead designer for the project, it was Ollie’s responsibility to design the geometric road alignment, proposed levels, all carriageway and footway construction make-ups, and public realm areas, and to ensure the external design disciplines namely, Drainage, Traffic Signals, and Street Lighting tied into his design.

Video Credit – Knights Brown

Tender Management:

At the tender stage, Ollie composed and compiled all contract and tender documentation and managed the tender process robustly to ensure the selected tenderer following analysis offered the best value for money for the Client.


Ollie provided design support to the delivery team and created an open and honest atmosphere that
stimulated good management between the Parties.