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Scheme Overview

The project consists of the introduction of a new public realm area along with active travel links in Slough. Farnham Road is a local community, shopping district which has felt the impacts of the global pandemic and cost of living crisis. The project will offer improvements to the existing pedestrian and cycling facilities in the area and provide an outdoor al fresco dining experience for the public to use. This will be achieved by removing carriageway space and utilising the space for the public realm and dedicated cycleways. The project also consists of the introduction of soft landscaping, high-quality paving materials, street lighting apparatus and the realignment of several junctions. Volos are the lead engineers and project managers for the project, our responsibilities include the day-to-day running of the project and ensuring the scope is delivered on time and to budget and that project risk is being managed through robust risk analysis and control measures. This approach protects the project and ensures the project’s quality is not compromised.

The key features of the project are:

  • Creation of stepped cycle lanes throughout the area to connect existing and future cycle network development projects throughout Slough
  • Improving pedestrian facilities in the area to promote safety and create an enhanced pedestrian environment
  • Creation of a public realm square in the heart of Farnham Road to enhance the pedestrian experience within the area
  • Improvements the existing drainage network in the area

How the project was delivered

Our key deliverables are the following:

  • Overall scheme project management
  • Risk management
  • Feasibility design
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design
  • Development of artists impressions
  • Assisting the client in undertaking consultations with the public and stakeholders
  • Client stakeholder management and liaison including;
    • Network management
    • Street lighting department
    • Signal department
    • Drainage department
    • Asset management
  • External stakeholder management and liaison including;
    • Affected residents
    • Affected busnisses
    • Affected commercial properties
  • Commercial management including;
    • Cost estimating at various design stages
    • Value engineering
  • Compiling of tender and contractual documentation
  • Chairing design, progress, early warning, and commercial meetings
  • Construction design and commercial support