Volos Ident



Scheme Overview

The project consists of the introduction of diagonal crossings on the junctions between Sanatorium Road and Broad Street and Sanatorium Road and Lansdowne Road and to widen the footways in between the two junctions.

The key features of the project are:

  • Installation of new kerbing
  • Construction of new flexible footway
  • Construction of new porous footways and SUDS features including raingardens
  • Full carriageway reconstruction and plane and resurfacing
  • Reconstruction of traffic islands
  • Construction of soft verge areas and installation of planting
  • Improving road markings
  • Telematics works, including creation of diagonal crossings
  • Street lighting including all associated electrical and civils works
  • Installation of street furniture

How the project is being delivered

Volos have been commissioned by Cardiff Council to provide quantity surveying services for the Sanatorium Road project. Our primary responsibility is to support the NEC4 ECC Project Manager by undertaking the following:

  • Reviewing and assessing compensation event quotations to ensure contractual compliance, transparency, and that each quote is providing value for money for the Council. We do this by firstly understanding the change, undertaking our own take-off and output exercise, checking gang sizes on site, ensure compliance with the Short Schedule of Cost Components, undertake due diligence rate checks on People, Plant, Equipment and materials along with fee percentage.
  • We attend site to thoroughly review and assess the Contractor’s monthly payment applications, ensuring that each application accurately reflects the completed work within the period.
  • Assistance with risk management by attending early warning meetings and providing cost advice on the early warnings and evaluating impact on time and cost. Also, assisting in mitigation discussions between the project team to minimise the impact of each early warning.
  • Assistance with programme management by conducting programme reviews to ensure compliance with NEC clause 30 and alignment with the Scope. We thoroughly challenge programme outputs by conducting our own take-off in line with the Contractor’s phasing plans and applying outputs based on our experience and industry standards.
  • We submit monthly cost reports to the client detailing the financial position of the project. Included within our reports are the anticipated total of the Prices, compensation event values, any anticipated compensation event values, movement since last report, programme position and cashflow forecast. Our monthly cost reports provide significant value to Cardiff Council by offering a comprehensive overview of the project’s financial and programme status, enabling informed decision-making and proactive management of internal cost and resources to ensure project success.
  • All our Project Manager’s are NEC3/4 ECC accredited, and we have been given delegated powers for instances when the Project Manager is on holiday. We maintain clear and proactive communication, review and make decisions on submissions from the Contractor, give instructions and notifications under the contract and collaborate with the design team to instruct changes to Scope as required.